Non Owners Auto Insurance

The non-owner car insurance policy – as the name suggests – is designed for those people who drive other people’s vehicles, and do not possess a car themselves. They may use cars which are rented or belong to their friends. This type of policy is offered by few insurance companies with limited options. The Non owners auto insurance policy covers those damages that cause injury or damage to someone’s property but does not cover collision damage.

This type of policy is offered to people who have been convicted of driving while heavily drunk which resulted in their loss of driving license. This type of insurance is made available to them to acquire a new driver’s license but they do not own any vehicle.

In several metropolitan cities in US many people do not own vehicles because of the parking difficulties especially in high density zones; heavy congested areas where it is very difficult and inconvenient to drive and also the cost of parking. The residents of these areas can get non owner insurance coverage in case they occasionally need to use the vehicle belonging to their friends or renting.

Non owner auto policies are beneficial and provide liability cover for those where a driver may be using a non insured car.

The people who like to travel and use rental cars can be benefited by this type of non owner auto insurance as this will cover them for the damages if any. The rental companies require some type of non owner car insurance and they prefer that it should be purchased from them but if you are a non owner and want to use rental car for a lengthy period, you should opt for non owner auto insurance because it will be cost effective.
The main aim of the non owner insurance cover is to give liability protection but there are various areas which are not covered like rental reimbursements, towing costs, collision and several other associated expenses. The advantage beside the liability cover is that they cost almost half the premium when compared to the standard premium costs which are paid by car owners.

You pay less and you gain less as you won’t be entitled for cheap car insurance discounts otherwise available to the standard policy holders like good driver discounts etc.

When you get involved in an accident in a rented vehicle the non owner vehicle insurance cover comes into play only after the vehicle owner’s insurance pay out which has to be first, is not sufficient to cover the damages.